Unikaangit: Inuit Legends


Created as part of a Youth Fusion project in Nunavik and conducted by Anorak Studio, this collection of seven legends features works drawn in part by students from Innalik School in Inukjuak. Stories that make sense to some, fun or frightening to others, these legends are the anchor of Inuit culture, transmitted from one generation to the next through the oral tradition.

Éditions Hannenorak / Maude Ostiguy-Lauzon / Wazak
Youth Fusion / Anorak Studio

Sedna governs the bottom of the waters. She holds power over animals as well as brave hunters who dare to sail on the northern seas. The story of Sedna is that of a woman who has been married against her will.

In trying to free her, her father cut off her fingers. They fell into the water and turned into marine animals.